Another young life struggling to conform to the image in which it was created. It is another soul which has been won for God and in which he has his throne. The desire must be so intense that you feel as if you must know. You must feel that you can not get along in life without knowing God’s will. You can not be of any service to him without having knowledge of his will.
Through Jesus Christ, Christians are made partakers of the divine nature. They receive the imprint of divine character in their souls. Among the different principles in the character of God is found steadfastness.
You must also have faith. When you ask God to teach you his will, you must believe he will do it, and he will do it. When he begins to unfold his will, you must move in his order without doubting or questioning. He will guide you and direct your every step, and you can know that you are doing the very thing God wants you to do. Bless his name! Such a life is heaven here.

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